Freakout @ Hopescotch

Freakout @ Hopescotch

On September 9th, 2016, I gave a talk at Hopscotch Design festival in Raleigh on the topic of Designing for Hope and Action; here are selected images from that talk annotated for anyone who wants to take a deeper dive.

Friends everywhere.

This grilled cheese sandwich sold for $28,000. This really happened.

Where it all began, mostly.

Keep those eyes open.

An open and shared workspace of community-minded people and business. I'm proud to work here.

History teachers still love this song.

A first step for understanding media. TLDR; the format of the content delivery changes the content itself, and us…

Newspapers used to print multiple editions per day. Can't do that anymore.

Big and beautiful.

Truth to power and See It Now

Consider whether or not this is helpful, but if you want it, here it is.

80's kids know this silly Regan-era bit, but I'll say this: it was catchy as a slogan.

Recency bias.

Negativity bias.

It wasn't just Raleigh; people scared as hell from…nothing.

Here in town, officials couldn't find evidence of any emergency, other than injuries caused by the stampede.

"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore."

This is from The Matrix, but don't re-watch that. Instead, read Oliver Burkeman.

Stephen Pinker explains this image. TLDR; violence is down everywhere.

"People have never lived longer, better, safer, or richer lives than they do now."

There is no better time to be alive than now, anywhere in the world.

A War on Lawnmowers? Are we prosecuting these guys yet?

What we're spending to protect us on one versus the other is insane too…it's a 1000x mismatch.

"Their boy Elroy…"

If you've never seen any of them, start with these 10 on Netflix. Energy and charm turns trash throwaway culture into a pop phenom, and a force for advancement.

Sir Tim is just…the best. He could have kept it for himself, he could have owned it, but he didn't. He set us free.

These are luddites, scared English textile workers. They smashed machines for good reasons.

Thanks to these friends for helping me think about these ideas, and for helping me feel more hopeful when I needed it.

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